Everyday Luxury, Moments of Delight 

Having enjoyed a successful career working for luxury brands, I’ve come to believe that luxury while special, should not be so precious that it shines a light onto itself. I’ve designed this collection for the realities of a woman’s life, emphasizing that the practical should also be beautiful and offer elegant solutions. 

By simply carrying that special handbag, a woman can set the tone, and enhance the way she feels. My handbags reflect these perspectives on luxury. They offer everyday moments punctuated with delight. These beautiful crocodile handbags are crafted in my native country of Nicaragua. They are produced in a culture that nurtures and respects sustainability and artistry. The craftsmanship, attention to every detail, and passion for creating a unique item of lasting beauty are evident in every handbag.

From the selection of each exotic crocodile skin, through every phase of creation, each Reyna Icaza handbag is an individual work of art. I hope that you will derive years of enjoyment, pleasure, and excellent use from yours. 



For me, luxury should be part of everyday living, offering punctuated moments of delight.
— Reyna